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Vendors gathered on the Open Networking Summit expo floor to showcase software defined networking solutions. Here are six that caught our eye.

 By Jude Chao
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1: Corsa

 Corsa at ONS 2014

Can legacy hardware truly deliver on the potential of SDN? Ottawa, Ontario-based Corsa Technology doesn't think so. One of Enterprise Networking Planet's Five Networking Startups to Watch in 2014, Corsa debuted two native OpenFlow 1.3+ data planes, the DP6420 and the DP6440. Corsa claims its hardware addresses the scalability and functionality limitations of legacy hardware by providing flow-based forwarding "with multiple flow tables capable of processing millions of flows," according to a company statement. Programmable and reconfigurable, Corsa's forwarding planes are also designed for easy evolution to keep up with changing OpenFlow standards and SDN use cases.

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This article was originally published on Mar 6, 2014
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