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Cisco onePK dev partner working on SDN analytics application to provide real-time intelligence for application-centric architecture.

 By Jude Chao
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Among other things, the software can show when traffic from specific servers is flowing over interfaces experiencing historically unusual congestion. If those servers are business-critical, administrators can expect—and forestall—poor end user experiences, since they can isolate issues right down to the relevant interface and correct problems at their outset.

The combination of that isolation with the ability to look at the full stack allows for immediate or automated problem solving, as well as more informed decision-making for everything from network traffic control to web server instantiation. As another example, Whateley described an organization whose response times are increasing due to having insufficient web servers.

"If you ask VMware where you should spin up the new server, it will presumably look for the server with the most free capacity. But we might not choose to spin it up there, because we know that the connection from that box goes through a router that's experiencing a lot of congestion. We might be able to tell VMware that a better choice would be a machine with fewer resources but a better network outlook."

All this adds up to a way to unify the network and application sides of the enterprise for optimal monitoring and performance, resulting in greater business value to enterprises using Cisco ONE for their SDN architecture.

"Starview has an approach that we find unique in that it not only provides visibility into IT infrastructure for our customers but also analyzes the massive amounts of data among those applications. This will become increasingly important as the industry sees more and more SDN deployments," Cooney said.

Starview's software is currently in the beta testing phase, and the company is continuing to recruit beta testers. Starview expects to release the product by the end of the year, Firatli told me.

ENP editor Jude ChaoJude Chao is Executive Editor of Enterprise Networking Planet. Follow her on Twitter @judechao.

This article was originally published on Jul 3, 2013
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