Table: New RFCs published during January 2001.

3022Traditional IP Network Address Translator (Traditional NAT)Informational
3023XML Media TypesProposed Standard
3024Reverse Tunneling for Mobile IP, revisedProposed Standard
3026Liaison to IETF/ISOC on ENUMInformational
3027Protocol Complications with the IP Network Address TranslatorInformational
3028Sieve: A Mail Filtering LanguageProposed Standard
3031Multiprotocol Label Switching ArchitectureProposed Standard
3032MPLS Label Stack EncodingProposed Standard
3033The Assignment of the Information Field and Protocol Identifier in the Q.2941 Generic Identifier and Q.2957 User-to-user Signaling for the Internet ProtocolProposed Standard
3034Use of Label Switching on Frame Relay Networks SpecificationProposed Standard
3035MPLS using LDP and ATM VC SwitchingProposed Standard
3036LDP SpecificationProposed Standard
3037LDP ApplicabilityInformational
3038VCID Notification over ATM link for LDPProposed Standard
3039Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Qualified Certificates ProfileProposed Standard
3042Enhancing TCP's Loss Recovery Using Limited TransmitProposed Standard
3045Storing Vendor Information in the LDAP root DSEInformational