Aruba Launches New Switch, Deploys New ClearPass Universal Profiler

HPE’s Aruba Networks wants to make it easier for enterprises to detect Internet of Things (IoT) devices that might be connected to a network with a new standalone profiling software capability called Aruba ClearPass Universal Profiler.

Aruba first developed its ClearPass technology back in 2012 in response to the growing demand at the time for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) control. The original iteration of ClearPass made use of the open source FreeRADIUS access control solution.

“We’ve taken the profiling feature currently delivered within the ClearPass Policy Manager and are building a standalone profiler for companies that are not ready for policy, need visibility for internal and external audits, and at this time are looking to better understand their exposure to IoT devices,” Trent Fierro, Director of Software and Security Solutions Marketing for Aruba, told Enterprise Networking Planet.

Fierro explained that ClearPass profiling uses DHCP, SNMP, Nmap scans, NAD discovery protocols and a variety of other means to build very granular fingerprints of devices that are on a network.

“The idea is to build a baseline of total devices and then monitor for changes as devices come and go,” Fierro said.

He added that existing Aruba ClearPass customers already have the profiling feature as part of the base ClearPass license. HPE’s Aruba salesforce is also selling the Universal Profiler separately from the ClearPass Policy Manager and is intended for net new customers.

2540 Switch

Aruba is also now debuting its new 2540 switch series to further expand wired networking control capabilities. The 2540 can be integrated with ClearPass for full visibility and control of an enterprise networking and is available in both 24 and 48 port models.

Following HPE’s acquisition of Aruba, HPE decided to brand all campus products (WLAN, switching, NAC, indoor location) under the Aruba brand.

In March 2016, Aruba announced its new 3810 series switch benefiting HPE’s Smart Rate technology. Smart Rate is a new multi-gigabit (1, 2.5, 5, 10Gbps) twisted-pair network interface that is interoperable with the NBASE-T ecosystem of 2.5/5/10 GbE products as well as with existing industry standard 1GbE devices.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Networking Planet and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist

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