Cisco Announces Out-of-Band NAC Appliance

Cisco has announced a new product designed to protect against infected network devices in its Clean Access line

The Cisco Clean Access Out-of-Band appliance is a Network Admission Control (NAC) device designed to work within a switched network. According to the company, it can detect, isolate, and clean infected or vulnerable devices attempting to connect to the network.

In a statement, Cisco said customers can choose to deploy NAC either through its industry-collaborative framework or through the Cisco Clean Access product family.

“With the addition of Cisco Clean Access Out-of-Band, organizations can take advantage of their high-speed switched network infrastructures to deploy network admission control capabilities and maximize the reach of the security policy enforcement,” said Arvin Babu, director of engineering in the Security Technology Group ( STG ) at Cisco Systems.

The Cisco Clean Access Out-of-Band appliance is available starting at $30,000 USD . The company said Cisco Clean Access continues to be available for in-band deployments, as well.

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