Cisco Gives 12000 Series Routers a Boost

Cisco is targeting ISPs and telephone companies with its latest routers, which meld its 12000 Series routers with IOS XR.

Today the company announced June availability for the XR 12000 Series, which it says will bring the modular IOS XR operating system to the venerable 12000 Series router. According to the company, the union will bring secure virtualization, continuous system operation, and multiservice scale to the 12000 series, which reportedly has an installed base of of about 25,000 units.

IOS XR is Cisco’s answer to concerns that its IOS operating system isn’t up to the challenge posed by the largest networks. Designed for Cisco’s CRS-1 router, the software includes self-healing technology, increased modularity, and the ability to be updated without a break in service.

According to the company, existing 12000 Series routers can be upgraded to accomodate IOS XR, and it says it will provide conversion tools, product literature, training, and upgrade kits for migrating customers.

Set to be available in June, the base configuration for the Cisco XR 12000 starts at a list price of $45,500. Upgrade options for the Cisco 12000 routers start at a list price of $12,500.

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