Cisco Launches New Machine to Machine Router

The Internet of Things is the concept that at some future point everything from toasters to complex medical devices will have an Internet address.

It’s a concept that is now starting to come to fruition with the use of IPv6 for addressing, but it still requires networking gear, which is where Cisco is trying to help. Cisco this week launched the new ISR 819 router which is intended for machine to machine traffic.

The new router is the smallest member of Cisco’s ISR router product family and is intended for use in machines and micro-branches as a way to provide connectivity. The ISR 819 has both wired WAN connectivity as well as 3G as a way to connect ‘things’ to the Internet.

Prashanth Shenoy, product marketing manager for routing at Cisco, explained to that the ISR 819 is a hardened device that complies with a long list of environmental and security standards. The device can work in extreme environment of up to 95 percent non-condensing humidity and can handle temperature ranging from -25 Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. The device is also very small and can fit in the palm of a person’s hand.

“It has gone through a lot of testing and we’ve made sure that it can handle extreme rugged environments,” Shenoy said.

Shenoy noted that the ISR 819 also benefits from the same services that other Cisco IOS devices have including security, voice, video and WAN optimization. Additionally Shenoy noted that the ISR 819 has support for standalone GPS.

“So if the 819 is installed in an asset, it can monitor and manage the asset using GPS,” Shenoy said. “So it can keep track of your mobile vehicles and take actions based on where the vehicle may be.”

The 819 also has support for native SMS so it can send and receive text messages. As well the 819 has dual-SIM capabilities enabling the device to get service from two different providers to ensure high-availability.

Shenoy noted that older devices including some ATMs are in the process of migrating from frame relay and other legacy connectivity options. He said that the 819 can help in that migration to IP. As well with the 3G connectivity options, it can help in cases where there are no wired connectivity options.

From a security perspective, Shenoy said that the 819 has support for VPN, firewall and IPS as well as support for ScanSafe for security scanning from the cloud. From a WAN optimization perspective, the ISR 819 supports Cisco’s WaaS Express for tcp and bandwidth optimization.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at, the news service of, the network for technology professionals.

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