Cisco Talks Mobile Video and Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi

Cisco says the demand for mobile video is rising, so it’s placing itself in the path of the flood with a new video delivery solution and “Carrier Grade Wi-Fi” technology that leverages the 802.11u specification.

The MOVE framework includes a new mobile video delivery software solution call Mobile Videoscape that leverages multiple Cisco hardware platforms including the ASR 5000 router and the UCS server. There is also an effort to enable Carrier Grade Wi-Fi that further helps to enable mobile content delivery.

Andy Capener director of service provider marketing for service provider mobility solutions at Cisco explained to that mobile videoscape includes a mobile video gateway that is installed on top of an ASR 5000. The ASR 5000 platform comes from Cisco’s acquisition of mobile vendor Starent in 2009.

Capener noted that the mobile video gateway is the control point for mobile video optimization in the MOVE architecture. There is also a content adaptation engine which resides on the Cisco UCS and is used for video transcoding. Mobile video delivery is further enhanced with Cisco’s overall approach for Adaptive Intelligent Routing (AIR). Capene radded that the whole solution is about delivering network intelligence around video to ensure optimized delivery.

One such example of the optimized video routing that the mobile videoscape solution can provide is with video pacing. Capener noted that the system can enable a clip to load in the background only 30 seconds of video ahead of what the user is currently viewing, instead of attempting to buffer the entire video. He added that lots of users don’t end up watching entire video clips and drop off before the end.

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