Cisco: Wireless and Mobile Networking

Cisco’s enterprise wireless portfolio is largely defined by a single product line, the Aironet series of access points (APs) and controllers. Cisco acquired Aironet Wireless Communications for $799 million back in 1999 and has since built out a massive portfolio of products.

The current Cisco Aironet product portfolio includes APs that range in capability from small to very large deployments. The top end of the portfolio is the Aironet 3600 which is a 900 Mbps access point.

Raw bandwidth alone isn’t the hallmark of Cisco’s wireless portfolio. Cisco’s CleanAir technology that was first introduced in 2010, is a key pillar of the overall platform. CleanAir analyzes the wireless spectrum in an effort to identify and work around problem areas. Cisco has also focused on its antenna design in an effort to provide more wireless coverage.

Looking beyond the Aironet access points, Cisco also integrated wireless capabilities on a number of its ISR routers, providing both wired and wireless access. Controller technology is available as module for the Catalyst 6500 switch as well as on standalone devices.

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