Digital Switches Go Analog

Pericom Semiconductor Corporation has introduced an additional family of seven analog multiplexers and switches. The company claims that these products feature improved performance over pin-compatible sole-source offerings. Housed in extremely small packaging, (for space-constrained mobile and handheld computing applications,) Pericom has branded the family as “SOTiny”

The low-voltage, low on-resistance family of devices provide users with minimum distortion and high-fidelity signal routing for such end-products as PDAs, cellular phones, GPS, and satellite systems. Pericom’s new SPDT and SPST switches are implemented in low-power CMOS, hopefully resulting in long battery life.

Key Features of SOTiny Analog Switches

  • Low on-resistance for maximum signal transfer and low distortion (7 ohms with a 5V supply; 12 ohms with a 3V supply; and 0.5 ohm resistance flatness.
  • Wide power supply operation (single 1.65V to 5V supply; low current drain: 1 microampere (max.).
  • Isolation and unwanted signal rejection: off isolation -80dB at 1MHz; crosstalk -80dB at 1MHz

Depending on functionality, prices for Pericom’s analog multiplexers and switches range from $0.29 to $0.35 for 5,000 pieces. Currently in production, these devices are available in two to three weeks.

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