HP Networking: Switches

HP Networking’s switch portfolio spans data center, campus, branch and small business deployments and plays a key role in HP Networking’s FlexNetwork vision which includes FlexFabric and FlexCampus switching gear.

The first new FlexNetwork switches were announced in May of 2011 and include the A10500 that can deliver as many as 384 line rate ports at 10 Gbps. The A10500 switch can also be clustered to scale to as many as 1,500 ports.

Other elements of the portfolio include the 5900 top-of-rack switch, which is one of the first from HP Networking to support the new 40 Gigabit Ethernet standard.

A key component of HP Networking’s FlexNetwork scalability and manageability is the Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology. IRF enables the virtualization of multiple physical switches into one logical switch.

HP Networking has also emerged as a strong supporter of software defined networking (SDN) as represented by the open source OpenFlow specification. OpenFlow helps to define flows across a switching fabric. As of February 2012, HP has committed to enabling OpenFlow across its switching portfolio.


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