In Brief: 3Com Introduces “Future-Proof” Upgradeable Switch

3Com has announced the release of the SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 SE, a
business-class switch aimed organizations without the immediate need
for enhanced traffic management. According to the company, the device
is upgradeable to advanced features, including Layer 4 traffic

According to 3Com, 4400 SE supports up to eight Gigabit Ethernet
uplinks in a copper or fiber stack. Eight switches can be stacked
together in a rack with a total of 192 10/100 ports. Other features
include high-bandwidth link aggregation and resiliency
features. Traffic load may be shared across ports with link
aggregation, and can be set up on different units in the 3Com stack. A
redundant power option is meant to ensure that the switch does not go
down in the event of a power failure.

When used in combination with 3Com IP-based phone products,
the switches automatically configure the network to provide priority
to voice traffic.

3Com has set the price for the 4400 SE at $1295. The software
upgrade is promised for the second half of this year and will cost $495.

Product Information from 3COM

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