IronPort Rolls Mail Appliance for SMEs

IronPort Systems has announced a new mail appliance aimed at small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The IronPort C10 is a 1U form-factor appliance built on a single Intel processor with 80 GB of RAID 1 storage, a pair of gigabit NICs and administrative interfaces available via both Web and text shell (via ssh or telnet). The company said it’s rated for organizations of up to 1,000 users, and that it supports clustering for scalability.

The device offers a number of mail-handling features, including spam-blocking and antivirus protection, while handling more mundane administrative tasks such as processing bounced messages and dealing with backed-up mail queues.

According to the company, the C10 is designed to be deployed at the network perimeter, processing incoming and outgoing mail to scan for viruses and spam. The device’s anti-spam technology relies on both a reputation filter which selectively applies throttling on incoming messages if they appear to originate from less trustworthy sources and a second layer of spam detection that assesses message content. Messages flagged as spam are placed in a quarantine where end users can review them.

Pricing on the new device starts at $2,999 USD.

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