Juniper Expands Routing, Switching and Software Portfolio

Juniper Networks is expanding its networking portfolio to help make networks flatter. The goal is to help minimize the number of layers required in a network, thereby maximizing server connectivity.

To help minimize networking architecture layers, Juniper (NYSE: JNPR) today announced the new EX4500 data center switch, which can leverage the company’s Virtual Chassis technology to create a data center fabric across multiple networking devices. Juniper also announced new software offerings to manage, provision and secure networks.

“In a nutshell, the announcements we’re making today, we think, are transformative in enabling virtualized data center computing paradigms and doing it in a way that allows us to simplify, automate and secure,” Juniper CEO Kevin Johnson said in a live webcast launch event.

Among the new products being announced by Juniper is the EX4500 switch, which is intended to compete against the Cisco Nexus 5000 data center switch. The EX4500 offers up to 48 10-gigabit Ethernet ports and can leverage Juniper’s Virtual Chassis technology, which enables up to 10 EX4200 switches to be connected and then managed as a single device.

“Virtual Chassis is a core piece of intellectual property for Juniper so it’s something that we protect and control,” Mike Banic, vice president of enterprise marketing at Juniper, told “The ASIC inside the EX4500 was natively designed to handle Virtual Chassis technology.”

Juniper is also now rolling out a new line card for its EX8200 switch. Officially called the EX8200-40XS line card, the new card will enable the Juniper switch to deliver 40 10GbE ports. Using Virtual Chassis with the EX8200 could enable a data center or service provider to manage up to 1,200 10GbE ports in total.

Rounding out Juniper’s hardware rollout is the launch of the MX80-3D router, which Juniper first announced in October 2009. The MX80 is an 80Gbps router packed into a three-and-a-half-inch chassis.

In an effort to help manage networks, Juniper is also updating its Junos Space software portfolio with a number of new applications. The Virtual Control application is intended to enable network administrators to manage and control their VMware virtual servers from a common interface. With Ethernet Design, Juniper is providing an application to manage switch and router provisioning and management. For quality of service issues, the new Juniper Service Insight application is intended to help network administrators identify and remediate performance issues on the network.

Juniper is also tackling security with the new AppTrack software, a new tool for making it easier to manage network security policies

“AppTrack is meeting the expectation that security policies need to move from being in physical locations to being more dynamic and threaded from the application to the users,” Banic said. “It’s also about tracking the changes and understanding not just who the user is but where they are and what device they are using, and applying dynamic security policies based on the insight that we have from tracking the thread from the application to the user.”


Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at, the news service of, the network for technology professionals.

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