Linksys Rolls Out Pushbutton WiFi Security

Cisco division Linksys has announced the addition of technology it says will configure wireless LAN security with “the push of a button.”

In an announcement, the company said it has begun to add “SecureEasySetup” (SES) technology to its Wireless-G line of routers and network adapters. The company says SES turns configuration of WLAN security into a one-step process.

According to Linksys, SES is invoked when a user pushes a button on both the wireless router and the network adapter they want to share a connection. SES in turn creates a connection between the two devices, configures the network’s SSID (define) and turns on WPA (define) support.

The company says the technology eliminates the need for manual passphrase or key entry, substantially simplifying the process of installing and configuring a wireless network.

Recent reviews have indicated that the process, while relatively simple, involves some peril to existing wireless driver installations in some instances.

Linksys has made the feature available as a “software button” download for owners of existing Linksys Wireless-G products.

The company also announced that notebooks and wireless printers from other manufacturers are expected to include SES technology in the future.

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