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Netopia, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTPA), a provider of broadband gateways and web platform software for small, medium, and distributed enterprises, announced its single box broadband, routing, integrated backup and security suite of products for under $1000. This suite was created as part of Netopia’s efforts to help service providers meet the needs of the growing distributed enterprise market.

According to the company, its R5320XL, R7220XL, and R9120XL single-box solutions combine the speed of broadband connectivity routed across multiple computers and peripherals with many industry standard security features as well as data backup, all included at no additional cost.

Standard features include:

  • Single Box solution for broadband speed, routing and security
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) that is IPSec-compliant with firewall
  • Automated keying with IKE option
  • Manual keying option
  • PPTP client/server
  • DES
  • VPN Acceleration
  • 3DES Standard
  • Integrated V.90 back-up

Customer service help
In addition to the new single-box solutions, Netopia has also recently announced eCare, another new product for distributed enterprises. eCare is a web software platform that’s designed to let distributed enterprises offer live, online support over any type of Internet connection to both customers and their own disperse locations. Both the single box solutions and eCare are part of Netopia’s effort to assist service providers so they may increase their revenues by assisting distributed enterprises.

“Netopia’s XL products provide Managed Service Providers with a single-box solution that meets the requirements of their Distributor Enterprise customers for secure, robust IP connectivity” said Michael Trupiano, senior vice president and general manager of Netopia. “By using Netopia’s XL products to combine broadband connectivity with IP-routing, VPN, firewall, ethernet hub and integrated backup, service providers can reduce costs caused by multiple boxes, interoperability problems, points of failure, margins for error and multiple truck rolls thereby increasing revenue and profitability per end-customer.”

“Distributed enterprises need to increase customer loyalty, securely link remote locations, reduce operating costs, and reduce points of failure,” said Michael Trupiano, senior vice president and general manager of Netopia’s Internet Equipment Group. “Netopia’s single box solutions and eCare are two Netopia solutions that help them achieve these goals.”

“The distributed enterprise market continues to expand, with the number of mobile and remote workers forecast to be more than 55 million by 2004,” said Amy Harris of IDC’s Broadband Markets & Technologies program. “To take advantage of this growing opportunity, service providers should target their service offerings to meet the unique needs of mobile and remote workers.”

Availability and pricing
Pricing will be as follows:

  • R5320XL: $1,649
  • R9120XL: $1,099
  • R7220XL: $1,399

Netopia’s XL products will be available at the end of October.

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