Nokia Releases Entry-Level Intrusion Detection System Appliance

Nokia has released an addition to its RealSecure intrusion detection
system (IDS) line: the IP120, an entry-level device aimed at small,
medium, and enterprise branch offices.

The IP120 is built around software from Internet
Security Systems
and custom hardware from Nokia.

In a statement, the company said “the Nokia IP120 is ideal for
enterprise customers who require a complete, scalable IDS solution for
remote office or branch site locations on 10 mbps segments where
manageability is critical. Service Providers will also benefit by
deploying the Nokia IP120, because it enables them to extend their
product offering to small businesses with this entry-level IDS

The IP120 includes the ability to back up and restore multiple
platforms simultaneously via the Nokia Horizon Manager, a management
tool that provides system management for ISD and VPN/firewall

More information may be found at Nokia’s

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