Open Sourcers Optimistic About Oracle/Sun … Mostly

Sun is one of the world’s largest open source vendors, making its
acquisition by Oracle
a development that will have repercussions throughout the open
source world.

Despite the enormity of the news, however, many open source vendors that spoke with said they are cautiously optimistic about the impact of Oracle’s
Sun acquisition — and what it could mean for open source software, Java and Linux.

On the Java front, the Eclipse Foundation, which for years has had a Java development
effort competitive with Sun’s Netbeans, sees the Oracle buy as opportunity for the
governance of the Java Community Process (JCP) to evolve. The JCP is the process by which
Sun has led the governance of an open development process for Java since 1998.

“Oracle is a strong leader and contributor to both the Java and Eclipse communities,”
Mike Milinkovitch, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation, told “The JCP needs to undergo a major reorganization to make it more
open, transparent and, in particular, vendor-neutral. I hope that Oracle will take this
opportunity to make the appropriate changes to allow the JCP to be an effective
organization that leads the Java community.”

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