Replace Your NT4 PDC with Samba 3 and Linux

ENP tries to bring a strong focus on interoperability. With this two-part series on pressing the latest edition of Samba into service as a primary domain controller, we show you how to integrate Linux with your Windows clients, and save some money in the bargain.

In part one, you’ll learn why a migration from Windows NT to Linux running Samba 3 might be a good idea for your organization. You’ll also learn which clients will work and which might cause problems. Finally, you get a quick roadmap to help you plan your migration.

In part two, we get into the details, showing you how to configure Samba step-by-step, first creating a backup domain controller to join your NT4 domain, then migrating your user and machine accounts to the new server using vampire. To close out the guide, we show you how to promote Samba to PDC responsibilities and tell you where to look for the best troubleshooting information if things don’t go according to plan.

If you’re after even more information about Samba or ActiveDirectory, don’t forget to visit our archives:

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