Citrix CEO Tells Interop Audience It’s a New Era for IT

Citrix CEO Mark Templeton says we’re in the midst of a transition from the PC Era to the Cloud Era, and that IT pros need to get past factory-model approaches to networking and consider their roles as orchestraters and aggregators of networked services.

According to Templeton, the consumerization of IT is the most powerful force ever in IT transformation.

“We think it will force more change over the next 10 years than any other technical or business trend,” Templeton said. “It’s because every single day, we get a new, unique experience as consumers that differs from the experience ‘we get’ when we’re at work using enterprise systems, and as the gap grows, the pressure to evolve gets greater.”

Templeton noted that the consumerization of IT is bringing with it a bring-your-own-computer, -network and -app mentality. He added that enterprises are not in control of any of this change, but that shouldn’t worry them.

“Don’t fight it, embrace it,” Templeton said. “You can embrace the devices employees buy with their own money and the network they provide from at home or on the road.”

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