Context Sensitive Disclaimers for E-Mail

Red Earth Software, a developer of e-mail management solutions, has announced the release of Policy Patrol 1.2, an add-on for Exchange and Lotus Notes that adds context-sensitive disclaimers and signatures to outgoing e-mail messages. Unlike existing products, Policy Patrol offers advanced disclaimer functionality such as user-based disclaimers, formatting, and merge fields, in order to increase the relevancy of disclaimers and thus improve their efficacy. Red Earth asserts that Policy Patrol is also one of the few products capable of adding disclaimers to internal mails.

Policy Patrol merge fields are replaced with information retrieved from the e-mail message or from the user’s properties in the Active Directory. (There is also support for installations without Active Directory.) By using merge fields, disclaimers can be made more specific and leave less room for interpretation. For instance, the actual name of the intended recipient can be added to the disclaimer, instead of warning persons who are — not the intended recipient — that the information is confidential. Other examples of merge fields are supervisor name, company name and date of transmission. Merge fields are particularly useful for adding personalized signatures.

The program works with any SMTP mail server, including Exchange 2000/5.5 and Lotus Notes/Domino. Policy Patrol can be installed on the mail server or on a separate machine.

Policy Patrol (disclaimer module) is the first of a suite of e-mail
policy enforcement products and is priced per user, starting from $119
for 10 users. A 30-day evaluation version can be downloaded from Policy Patrol is also available in a Small Business version ($99) that allows users to add one global external, non-formatted disclaimer.

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