Cross-Platform Replication

Enterprises with multiple operating systems as clients on their networks usually have to make special provisions to back up or replicate data from some of those OSes, such as Macintosh OS x, some UNIX variations, or mixed Windows NT. To alleviate this problem, Diasoft Corporation has announced the release of an enhanced version of FileReplicationPro, a multi-operating system, real-time, secure replication, backup and synchronization for servers and workstations on any TCP/IP network.

The program is positioned as a utility designed to help an administrator replicate a set of directories from one server to a group of servers. You can also use the on-to-may capability to distribute data generated centrally to many servers or workstations. For example, if you have a several web servers in production, you may want to change your web site on your test server, and then replicate the directories to all your production servers. Another example is the distribution of corporate documents to a number of workstations.

Version 2.0 preserves Mac Resource Forks, provides native Aqua support for Mac OS X as well as MAC OS 8 and 9 via directory mapping. It is written in Java and works in Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 as well as Unix, Linux and Mac OS X natively and MAC OS 8 & 9 via directory mapping. FileReplicationPro does not require that servers be on the same LAN or have the same operating system.

Among the enhancements of the new version are its many to one replication features, which allows backup and synchronization of all workstations on one file servers, improved scheduling of backups and full synchronization of the timed backups.

Additionally, FileReplicationPro’s Differential File Backup and Compression is intended to conserve network bandwidth. It offers secure 128bit encrypted replication and provides a log file for a comprehensive audit trail.

An evaluation copy is available for download.

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