Enterprise Networking Week in Review: Cloud, 10 Gig, IPv6, and more

Jude ChaoWe’re at the end of another week here at Enterprise Networking Planet, with plenty covered and plenty discussed.

Big Switch’s departure from the OpenDaylight Project was big news this week. After the vendor’s codebase lost out to Cisco’s as the base repository for the ODL platform, Big Switch pulled out, painting the conflict as a David vs. Goliath struggle. Our Sean Michael Kerner reported.

Cloud took the spotlight this week as well. Our Data Center blogger, Art Cole, contributed coverage: orchestration will be a big deal moving forward, while key vendor partnerships are in place to move even network infrastructure into the cloud. The Cisco Meraki Managed Services Dashboard, fruit of Cisco’s $1.2 billion acquisition of Meraki last year, promises to help lead the way, as Sean reported.

Moving in the other direction, this week Sean also reported on Palo Alto Networks’ debut of its WF-500, an on-premises version of its cloud-based WildFire security service. The WF-500 brings the vendor’s malware and APT protection down from the cloud for enterprises unwilling to allow data to be sent outside their own networks. Also in security, I spoke with Chiranjeev Bordoloi, CEO of TopPatch, about patch management system tips and best practices.

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the World Internet Society’s IPv6 Launch Day, but for the first time in three years, the Internet Society didn’t hold an event for it. Why was that, and where is IPv6 adoption today? Sean interviewed Phil Roberts, technology program manager at the Internet Society, about what’s going on.

Wondering what’s going on in WLAN and where wireless networks are headed? Matt Sarrel talks 802.11ac and the top solutions in the market today. And, finally, we welcome Henry Newman to ENP with his feature on why 10 GbE adoption took so darn long.

As always, it’s been an interesting week. Stay tuned next week for more news, coverage, and practical guidance from the enterprise networking world.

Jude Chao is Executive Editor of Enterprise Networking Planet. Follow her on Twitter @judechao.

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