Enterprise Networking Week in Review: Making Admins’ Lives Easier

Jude ChaoFollowing a short holiday week, we came back online and ready to go this week, with plenty of news and ways to make your life in the IT trenches a little better.

Software defined networking (SDN) developments

Among the key technology trends promising to automate and ease network provisioning and management, software defined networking (SDN) stands out. Though still at an early stage in its hype cycle, with low implementation numbers—19 percent, according to a recent Brocade study covered by our inimitable Sean Michael Kerner—SDN continues its march from trendy catchphrase to enterprise reality. Startups and big providers alike are racing to release solutions designed to aid in SDN deployment. Art Cole discussed some of these new developments in our Data Center Blog. SDN’s promise of automation and application awareness comes with concerns of its own, of course. Art explored some of those concerns in another blog post.

Riverbed ADC news

Speaking of applications, Riverbed has competed in the Application Delivery Controller (ADC) market since 2011, when it acquired Zeus and Aptimize. In a recent interview, Sean spoke with Jeff Pancottine, Riverbed general manager in charge of the company’s ADC efforts, about the upcoming Stingray Services Controller, competition with F5, and Riverbed’s strategy.

SIP, VoIP, and WebRTC

Networking enables communication, and many communications in the modern enterprise rely on VoIP. So what do you do when your SIP-based VoIP communications break down? Paul Rubens recommends using open source traffic sniffing and analysis tool Wireshark. His primer covers ways to use Wireshark to troubleshoot the most common problems users have with SIP-based VoIP calls. Also in communications news, VoIP vendor Vonage has embraced WebRTC to power its iOS and Android app. Sean spoke to Baruch Sterman, VP of Technology Research at Vonage, to learn what the vendor likes about WebRTC and what it enables them to do.

M2M and the Internet of Things

Smart houses, smart buildings, smart cities—could these lead to a smarter planet? Who knows, but what’s certain is that as more and more devices connect to the Internet and gain functionality once unheard-of outside of science fiction novels, enterprises who keep pace stand a good chance of getting ahead. How can businesses benefit from M2M and the Internet of things, and how can they prepare their networks to take advantage of this brave new world? Find out in Maya Itah’s article on data collection, M2M preparation, and secure M2M communication.

Remote management and the consumerization of IT

None of these technologies would make much of a difference without the people who keep them running. And as BYOD puts ever greater demands on both networks and admins, streamlining and easing IT’s workflow grows ever more crucial. DameWare Remote Support aims to do so by combining remote administration and remote control into a single console for the busy IT admin. Frank Ohlhorst took a close look at DameWare Remote Support in his review.

BMC Software, on the other hand, strives to make life in IT easier by putting more power and more information in the hands of the end users. BMC MyIT is an iOS app that automates many service request tasks and provides users with a user-friendly interface with which to check on service status and manage other IT needs themselves, allowing IT admins to spend less time dealing with requests for updates and more time on the projects themselves.

That wraps it up for the week. Stay tuned next week as we continue to bring you the latest and greatest in networking news, and as always, thanks for reading!

Jude Chao is Executive Editor of Enterprise Networking Planet. Follow her on Twitter @judechao.

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