Enterprise Networking Week in Review: Network Software, Hardware, Monitoring, and Visibility News

Jude ChaoWhen you play the game of technology, you update or you die. That’s true of the networking space as well. Our coverage this week focused on a major new release, a slew of updates, some new alliances, and one big sale.

For as long as we’ve had computers, we’ve had physical KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) switches to connect multiple computers and network interfaces. The concept’s an old one. It’s by no means irrelevant, though. In fact, in their most secure form, KVM switches are vital to organizations as high up in the food chain as the U.S. Department of Defense, as Sean Michael Kerner reported this week when he covered the release of Belkin’s new Secure DisplayPort KVM switch.

Meanwhile in update announcements, Sean also covered Riverbed’s announcement of Granite 2.5, the latest update to its data center server and data consolidation solution. Granite 2.5 includes Fibre Channel support and better backup management capabilities. Riverbed also planns to expand its hardware portfolio with the new Steelhead EX 1360 WAN optimization appliance.

Granite 2.5’s enhanced server and storage consolidation capabilities promise to be a boon to the modern data center. So does F5’s latest update to its BIG-IP software platform. Sean delivered the details: BIG-IP 11.4 provides programmability and scalability to F5’s Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) and new integration and control points for Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Speaking of SDN, Extreme Networks now has an OpenStack Quantum plug-in to help enable the software defined networks of the future. That’s not all Extreme has going on at the moment, though. Jumping into the converged systems arena, the vendor announced strategic alliances with Lenovo and EMC to offer bundled solutions beginning this fall.

The converged, scalable, programmable modern network needs an equally modern visibility and monitoring solution. WildPackets aims to provide that solution. This week, the vendor rolled out WatchPoint 3.0. The new update leverages an integrated HP Vertica database to improve the scalability and speed of this version by an order of magnitude over its predecessor. WildPackets is aiming for the top now, CEO Tim McCreery told Sean.

So what do all these developments add up to? A totally new data center paradigm with totally new requirements, according to Art Cole. In the latest post in his Data Center Blog, Art explains why it’s not all about speed anymore and what the rise of large cloud operators means for networking equipment vendors. The short answer is that it will change the game.

The game’s always changing for someone, of course. This week, it changed for open source email collaboration vendor Zimbra. VMware bought Zimbra from Yahoo! three years ago and is now selling the company to Telligent, which is in the business of social communities. Yahoo! also owned the company for three years, as Sean reported. Will Zimbra and Telligent prove to be good matches for each other? Telligent’s CEO seems to think so.

Thanks as always for tuning in to Enterprise Networking Planet. That does it for the week. Come back on Monday for more of the latest enterprise networking and data center news, reviews, and how-tos—we look forward to connecting with you!

Jude Chao is Executive Editor of Enterprise Networking Planet. Follow her on Twitter @judechao.

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