Enterprise Networking Week in Review: Speed and Collaboration

Jude Chao

Connection was the thing this week at Enterprise Networking Planet: speeding up connections, and using those connections to collaborate.

A fast network is vital to the enterprise, but is piling on more bandwidth the only way to achieve that? Our Data Center blogger Art Cole says no. In this week’s installment of his weekly blog, Art discusses new developments in app acceleration, WAN optimization, and application streaming technologies and how they may supplant bandwidth’s role in speeding up the enterprise network experience, especially now that virtual and software-defined infrastructures are taking hold.

On the hardware side of things, Cisco announced its big, fast, extremely scalable CRS-X router, which can deliver up to 12.8 terabits per second in a single standard 7 ft rack chassis deployment, as Sean Michael Kerner reported. And MoSys debuted the MSH210 LineSpeed 100G Quad Retimer integrated circuit. The semiconductor solutions vendor is positioning the new device as a way to enable the extra throughput that next-generation networks will require.

So what do we need all that speed for? In almost any enterprise, fast, reliable communication and collaboration are mission-critical. Unified Communications (UC) help. Sometimes organizations need more custom solutions than what their UC stacks include, however, which is where the new Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment comes in. Cool things are already being done with the platform within Avaya’s DevConnect program–cool things that include the development of smart buildings and even smart cities!

Also enabling global communication and collaboration? European telecom leader France Telecom-Orange’s B2B branch, Orange Business Services, which this week announced its five-year, multimillion-euro contract with global brewing giant Heineken. I spoke with an Orange Business Services SVP to learn about the global communications infrastructure the company will provide Heineken.

Our particular communications infrastructure allowed me the pleasure of good conversation with some very smart people. In our June 13 interview, Zeev Draer of MRV Communications told me about MRV’s work in flattening historically disparate OSI layers to create more agile, intelligent, and cost-effective packet optical network infrastructures. Also this week, BMC CIO Mark Settle sat down with me to discuss what CIOs are talking about today. Spoiler: SDN is high on the list. So is cloud, and Settle says that “many of the fears associated with security and congestion are misfounded,” encouraging enterprises to take a more serious look at cloud computing.

The cloud’s already providing some attractive solutions for enterprises. This week, Frank Ohlhorst reviewed AVG CloudCare. Aimed at small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the cloud-based endpoint security and management solution promises to provide users with all the robustness of an on-premises security and management package, but with the flexibility and affordability of a cloud platform.

We enjoyed our week here at Enterprise Networking Planet, and hope you did, too. Join us again next week, and in the meantime, we wish you a speedy connection and smooth collaborations!

Jude Chao is Executive Editor of Enterprise Networking Planet. Follow her on Twitter @judechao.

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