Enterprise Networking Week in Review: VXLAN, SDN, and Open Source

Jude ChaoThis week on Enterprise Networking Planet, the dust settled from last week’s coverage of Interop, allowing us to look forward to networking’s future.

As always, our Sean Michael Kerner provided plenty of insider guidance. This week, he brought us two exclusive video interviews. Lew Tucker, Cisco’s Cloud CTO, talked about OpenStack, VLAN, and the Internet of Things, and Dan Pitt, executive director of the Open Networking Foundation, dismissed criticisms of OpenFlow and discussed OpenDaylight.

Speaking of the future, Cisco, Aruba, and Brocade all had earnings calls this week, and Sean covered those, too. Cisco reported good news, particularly in data center, 10 GbE, and SDN adoption. Aruba expressed optimism about its recent acquisition of Meridian Apps, which will enable indoor GPS and other application and location awareness capabilities over WiFi. Brocade, meanwhile, plans to focus on future growth, particularly in the on-demand data center space.

Looking for some practical advice? Earlier this week, I spoke to PricewaterhouseCoopers experts, who provided solid guidance for enterprise software buyers on how to navigate the changing market for the best values for their companies. Elizabeth Harrin explored VXLAN to bring us an overview of the technology and its pros and cons. And Art Cole, our Data Center blogger, reminded us to look beyond the SDN hype to the things that SDN can’t actually do.

The week is over, but our work is not. Stay tuned for more from Enterprise Networking Planet–we have big plans for the future!



Jude Chao is Executive Editor of Enterprise Networking Planet. Follow her on Twitter @judechao.

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