HP Uses Interop Keynote to Ding Cisco

HP and Cisco’s networking rivalry continues to grow as HP’s Dave Donatelli used his Interop keynote to take a few shots at Cisco. According to the VP and GM for enterprise storage, servers and networking, Cisco depends on vendor lock-in, something HP’s new FlexNetwork architecture is designed to avoid.

HP’s approach is its FlexNetworking architecture which was announced this week at Interop. Donatelli noted that the great advantage that HP has is that it plays in the entire IT market from consumer to enterprise.

Taking direct aim at Cisco, Donatelli pointed to a Gartner study that noted a single supplier for networking was not a good idea. He also pointed to a study from research firm Baird, where 75 percent of respondents said that HP was now part of the networking discussion. Additionally 29 percent said that HP is influencing deal terms and winning over Cisco.

“The biggest question that all customers have is how to prevent lock-in,” Donatelli said. “That’s the purpose behind FlexNetwork.”

Donatelli also detailed how the new HP A10500 is in his view, better than the Cisco Catalyst switches. According to Donatelli, HP delivers 75 percent lower latency and 250 percent higher performance.

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