In Brief: Network Associates Rolls Out Web-Based Network Analysis Tools

Network Associates has announced the release of Sniffer Enterprise
Management Architecture, a suite of tools designed to provide
web-based network management and trend reporting for enterprise

The package comes in three components:

  • Sniffer Distributed: a turn key system that detects and isolates
    network faults and provides its information via a web-based
    interface. According to the company, filters provided with Sniffer
    Distributed allow it to serve as a means of quickly isolating
    worms and rogue servers. Sniffer Technologiesprovides
    additional filters
    on its website.

  • Sniffer Resource Manager: an administrative tool designed to
    provide customized levels of access to information provided by the
    Sniffer Distributed appliances, as centralized control over the
    agents across the network.

  • Sniffer Watch: a network analysis and trend reporting tool
    designed to work with raw network data.

Options include a variety of ‘agents’ for assorted network configurations, including Ethernet, Gigabit, FDDI, Token Ring, WAN, and ATM agents.

The product is available for Microsoft Windows 2000, 95/98, NT, and NT Workstation/Server 4.0 with Service Pack 6a.

Sniffer Technologies offers two licenses for the product: a
subscription license and a perpetual license. Sniffer Basic Suite
purchased under a license with a one year support contract costs
$2163 for a single server with discounts on larger orders.
The same software purchased under a perpetual license costs $2,495 for
a single server.

More information may be found on the Sniffer Technologies web site.

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