Juniper CEO Sees Contrail SDN as Driver for Growth

Juniper Networks is growing its business, thanks in part to its Contrail Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology.

Juniper reported its third quarter fiscal 2015 financial results on October 22, with net revenue reported at $1.25 billion, an 11 percent year-over-year gain. Net income was reported at $197.7 million for a 91 percent year-over-year gain.

Robyn Denholm, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial and Operations Officer at Juniper, noted that among Juniper’s top ten customers, five were telcos, three of those outside of the U.S.; four were cloud and cable providers; and one was an enterprise customer.

One of the biggest customers for Juniper is AT&T, and a core part of that relationship is the Contrail SDN platform.

“I want to underscore how strategic our Contrail solution is in defining the IT and business evolution to the cloud,” Rami Rahim, CEO of Juniper, said during his company’s earnings call. “Customers are moving towards open-source products, software-driven automation and containers and micro services.”

Rahim noted that on Contrail, one of the wins that his company is very proud of is with AT&T, but he emphasized that in pretty much every strategic discussion that he’s having with customers, SDN network agility is part of the conversation.

“They are thinking about a new architectural approach, and Contrail is part of that discussion,” Rahim said.

Contrail is an open-source technology and has been since 2013. Juniper first acquired Contrail in December of 2012 for $176 million.

While Contrail is open-source and can be freely used, Juniper provides support as a commercial service for paying customers.

“I think the engagements have expanded the developer community for the open source Contrail project and is growing the amount of innovation that’s coming not just from Juniper, but from our partners around the industry,” Rahim said. “I’m really proud of what the Contrail team has done and continues to do.”

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Networking Planet and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist

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