Lantronix Announces Web-Based Console Management Software

Lantronix has announced ConsoleWorks, console management software that
provides a central control panel for management of network equipment
via a Web browser.

The company says ConsoleWorks is meant to work with its line of
console servers to manage equipment distributed throughout medium- and
large-sized organizations. ConsoleWorks will offer real-time access to
distributed equipment through a common Web browser. The application
will captures and log console output from network-attached devices,
scan the output, prioritize each event for display, and notify
administrators or perform automated actions, based on pre-determined

ConsoleWorks will come in three versions : Workgroup, Departmental,
and Enterprise. The new versions of ConsoleWorks are
initially available for Solaris and Windows platforms, and are
compatible with enterprise management tools such as HP OpenView,
Computer Associates’ Unicenter and BMC’s PATROL.

According to the company, future plans for the ConsoleWare product
line include a component that will enable users to manage and
configure both local and distributed console servers used in
large-clustered applications such as server farms.

The company has set late May for release of the new product.
Depending on the size of staff or network infrastructure, a scalable,
customizable version of the software is available to address specific

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