Meru Introduces Four New Service Assurance Apps

Meru says four new applications will help its Service Assurance appliance line provide high availability and quality to its Virtual Cell Wi-Fi networks.

Meru Networks‘ wants to build innovative products that empower the all-wireless enterprise. “We’re seeing more customers wanting to use iPhones and BlackBerrys indoors, where 3G signal isn’t strong enough,” said Ram Appalaraju, senior vice president of marketing. “Our traffic-optimized single-channel architecture provides a foundation to deliver these kinds of services.”

But, for mission-critical WLANs, a strong foundation is not enough. Enterprises need predictable, secure, manageable WLANs that are no harder to operate than Ethernet. Meru’s Service Assurance (SA) platform aims to do so by supporting a suite of management applications, like last summer’s E(z)RF Location and Network Managers. This week, Meru announced four new SA applications:

These new offerings are designed to run on Meru’s service assurance appliances, delivering the proactive measurement and service-level automation tools that operators need to efficiently ensure availability and quality.

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