NetIQ Carves Out Cross-Platform Net Management Niche

NetIQ Corporation, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a provider of comprehensive systems and security management solutions that help enterprises maximize IT service delivery and efficiency. NetIQ is an Attachmate business, and part of a privately-held company with approximately 1,200 employees that generate around $400 Million in annual revenue, and develop products that serve over 12,000 customers in over 60 countries. These solutions include: terminal emulation for connections to IBM, HP, UNIX, Unisys and other hosts; legacy integration, which allows the reuse of legacy applications in service-oriented architectures; PC lifecycle management, with comprehensive tools to deploy and track operating systems, software and hardware assets; X Server, that connects Windows users to graphical and character-based applications on UNIX, Linux, IBM and OpenVMS hosts, plus Systems and Security Management, an expertise that was acquired through the purchase of NetIQ. The NetIQ division focuses on the enterprise market, with a portfolio of network management solutions that include products for IT Process Automation, systems management, security management, configuration audit and control, enterprise administration and unified communications management. Deployed on over 450,000 servers, NetIQ enterprise systems and application management products provide IT managers with rich heterogeneous systems management and monitoring solutions.

Historically, NetIQ has had a strong reputation in developing solutions to manage and administer Microsoft technologies. NetIQ’s systems management solution, the NetIQ AppManager Suite, comprises a series of products. These include: NetIQ AppManager, NetIQ Diagnostic Console, NetIQ AppManager Performance Profiler, and the NetIQ Analysis Center. In addition, there are many other modules to support specific infrastructures, such as Citrix XenApp, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Lotus Domino, and Sun Microsystems Solaris.

The NetIQ AppManager Suite runs on Windows infrastructures, but offers enterprises the necessary monitoring for cross-platform (Windows, UNIX, and Linux) server support, application and database management, end user response time metrics, voice over IP, and network support. The core management platform supports monitoring for over 65 mission critical systems and applications, including VMware, Microsoft SQL Server, Cisco Hardware/Software, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, RIM Blackberry Enterprise Server, Oracle RDBMS and others, and can therefore meet the systems monitoring, management and reporting requirements for most organizations.

The NetIQ AppManager provides enterprise IT managers with greater levels of productivity and visibility required from systems management solutions. The product scales to over 10,000 servers from a single console, can monitor using both agent-based and agentless techniques, supports more than 65 applications and platforms out of the box, manages by exception and offers ease of customization through Knowledge Scripts to meet the unique requirements of each enterprise.

The NetIQ Diagnostic Console helps IT managers reduce costs associated with systems outages, including capabilities for troubleshooting, isolating and resolving critical problems with Microsoft Windows, Active Directory and Exchange systems. The console provides a centralized view of critical server and application diagnostics across the enterprise. From the Diagnostic Console, system administrators can manage computer and application resources, check for potential problems and gather performance data for real-time analysis.

The NetIQ AppManager Performance Profiler intelligently adapts to and profiles the shifting characteristics of dynamic hybrid IT environments to detect deviations from normal performance and alert administrators to impending service-impacting issues (see Figure 1). This solution also includes predictive trend analysis for VMware vCenter, network devices and end-user response times for improved signal-to-noise ratio and prioritized event management.

The NetIQ Analysis Center provides visibility into services and systems activities in order meet report distribution requirements. The Analysis Center offers a comprehensive view of an organization’s operational health, service level metrics and security activities, with the automated distribution of reports via email, web links or Microsoft SharePoint, plus a trend analysis tools to identify future capacity issues.

NetIQ AppManager Suite includes a number of strong features, including out-of-the-box support for a wide range of operating systems, applications, third-party connectors and hardware; a breadth and depth of application analysis, allowing it to troubleshoot, analyze and report from the individual component to the enterprise level; great flexibility, permitting the network manager to tailor the monitoring, alerting and corrective actions to network-specific requirements; an end-to-end service view, that provides a visual representation of IT resources mapped to business applications or services; predictive performance capabilities that intelligently learns the normal behavior of systems over time, thus reducing the number of false alarms generated; and automated event management, that enables the design of processes that automatically respond to and resolve events detected by the system, thus offloading administrators from the need to manually respond to events.

Further details on the NetIQ’s network management solutions can be found at Our next tutorial will continue our examination of vendors’ network management architectures.

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