New Remote Network Management Tool Debuts

Dartware, a vendor which supplies software for network monitoring and troubleshooting, has announced the release of InterMapper Remote 1.0, a cross-platform, remote viewer application to help network managers see the status of routers, switches, servers and other networking equipment via the Internet in real-time.

The product provides a graphical view on the health and status of a remote network; showing which servers and devices are down, where heavy traffic is flowing and where other network problems may exist. Working in conjunction with Dartware’s InterMapper product, InterMapper Remote receives its data from a server running at the network site being monitored.

The feature set includes:

  • Remote access to maps. Authorized individuals (either using username/password or network address) can view maps from a remote location.
  • Click and holding the mouse button on a device or link will display current network statistics and information in a pop-up window.
  • Acknowledge and silence alarms off site, while comments are added to the log.
  • The remote client connects to its server through a connection to a single, user-defined port. You can also set the InterMapper server to refuse connections from all IP addresses except those of known authorized clients.

InterMapper Remote 1.0 is $195 with 60-day support. Educational pricing and additional support subscriptions are also available.

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