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 By Drew Robb
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When it comes to counting the pennies, he pointed out that operational costs of networking equipment are generally far greater than acquisition costs. One way to minimize operational expenditures is to utilize unified management to across the entire infrastructure, wired or wireless, WAN or LAN.

"Selecting a number of management solutions prevents the delivery of consistent user experience, inhibits business agility and introduces inefficiencies which pose operational challenges," said Bhat.

As today's branch offices are far more sophisticated than the traditional routing platforms of yesteryear which made use of frame relay and point-to-point links, buyers have to take a long hard look at whether they want to bring additional network complexity to the branch level. That complexity has increased considerably and proprietary networking hardware and software products make it even more involved, especially when deploying new services.

Bhat, in summary, has several buying recommendations:

1. Adopt standards-based technologies versus proprietary solutions that might inhibit agility; This decision, he said, will also provide the ability to maximize existing investment as opposed to the rip and replace strategy common with vendor lock in.

2. Modernize infrastructure:

"IT organizers must shift their focus toward innovating and modernizing their current infrastructure," said Bhat. "Today's routers are far more sophisticated and far less expensive when you consider the life cycle cost compared to maintaining legacy infrastructure."

3. Integrate service: VoIP and video deployments, for instance, may be triggers that warrant a refresh of existing routers. They also pose the opportunity for taking advantage of new WAN technologies like WAN optimization and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to reduce the cost of connectivity.

This article was originally published on May 21, 2011
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