BSO Delivers Lowest Latency Network from Europe to Asia

BSO improves latency to deliver highest availability network.

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BSO Network Solutions said it has improved the latency on their land cable system to deliver the lowest latency and highest availability network between London & Hong Kong. According to this High Frequency Traders report, the speed allows high frequency traders and professional service specialists to gain a competitive advantage.

"For many large organisations, a fast and reliable global network is an essential requirement, particularly in the face of the dependence on bandwidth-hungry systems such as video conferencing, cloud computing and business critical applications like ERP and CRM. Similarly, for financial traders, and professional services specialists, the need for a low latency,highly available and scalable network is of paramount importance if they want to say one step ahead.

"With the implementation of this revamped Ethernet network, BSO has reduced the latency from London to Hong Kong to 176ms round trip delay (RTD). This was achieved with minimal changes to the infrastructure, and by focusing on working with the cable providers to maximise the routing on the existing cables."

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This article was originally published on Sep 28, 2011
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