Oclaro Announces New 100 Gbps Coherent Receivers

The CR5100 series is for use in transmission networks that employ the PM-QPSK modulation format.

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Optical communications solution provider, Oclaro, has announced the CR5100 series of 100 Gbps coherent receivers. As noted by the company in this MarketWatch news release, these new receivers provide customers with a compact and cost-effective solution to implement coherent communication using the polarization multiplexed quadrature phase shift keying (PM-QPSK, DP-QPSK) format, which is the modulation scheme of choice for metro and long-haul optical transmission.


"Oclaro's new 100 Gbps coherent receiver is used in transmission networks that employ the PM-QPSK modulation format. The new CR5100 series (together with the CR5040 Series for 40 Gbps PM-QPSK) is designed to be compliant with the OIF Implementation Agreement OIF-DPC-RX-01.0, a collaborative forum to which Oclaro has been a key contributor. The receiver is also available in a significantly reduced form factor for customers who want to benefit from this next generation footprint. This advanced design provides a compact and cost effective solution for implementing coherent transponders using PM-QPSK, thus minimizing chromatic dispersion impairments and improving the spectral efficiency of existing fiber infrastructure."

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This article was originally published on Sep 19, 2011
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