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 By Hallett German
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AMP Interoperability

The components of AMP are intricately linked, so it is important to understand how they interact with each other to ensure that incompatible modules will not trip up your application development effort.


  • Can authenticate users from MySQL databases (Using module mod_auth_mysql).
  • Makes Apache logs readable by MySQL. Search for Apache on the MySQL website.
  • Can manage virtual hosts using the mod_v2h module.


  • Load PHP as static or dynamic shared object (DSO) module (mod_php). A DSO can be unloaded by commenting out a line in httpd.conf. Other changes to httpd.conf and the php.ini on the PHP side are required for PHP support.
  • PHP scripts are part of Server-Side Include.
  • PHP scripts are a directory index.


  • Load mod_perl module to run perl and CGI scripts. This includes using the perl API for Apache -- allowing mod_perl scripts to take full advantage of the module.
  • Use mod_perl to configure virtual hosts.
  • Use the Perl DBI to access various databases.
  • Many other third-party mod_perl scripts already exist, so you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Check out the mod_perl homepage below for further information.


  • Feeds output from a MySQL query to a Perl script for manipulation.
  • Access to MySQL database is through Perl DBI interface. This uses the DBD::mysql module.


PHP scripts can be used to access MySQL databases using the mysql_xxx API functions. There is a third-party PHP GUI-based application, PhpMyAdmin, which can be used to administer the entire MySQL server or a single database.


  • Similar functionality, but PHP is specialized specifically for web scripting, while Perl is much more general.

Be forewarned that there are some differences between Novell-supported releases and the official tools releases. Both Apache and Perl match completely, but Novell's MySQL is at revision level 4.0.3, while the official production version is 3.23.54a and 4.0.9 is in gamma test. The PHP releases are also slightly out of alignment as well -- Novell is supporting 4.2.3, while the latest official release is 4.3.0.

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This article was originally published on Jan 28, 2003
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