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 By Paul Rubens
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Branch Office

This new service simplifies managing services to remote offices by providing local caching and auto provisioning of IDs and other data, so that if the wide area network fails, branch offices can still use printing and other local facilities. These caches are automatically updated whenever the network is working, and can be managed centrally — a significant workload savings on maintaining multiple local replicas of IDs which needed to be synchronized regularly.

A Commitment to Open Source

Novell has continued to consolidate its commitment to open source software in v6.5, which includes Apache 2.0, MySQL, Perl, and – an exciting addition – the PHP scripting language. Version 6.5 also marks the full delivery of NetWare as an open source and J2EE application and web services platform, using the exteNd application server included in 6.5, but whether many customers will actually want to use this functionality remains to be seen.

Linux Strategy

The new features of NetWare 6.5 are obviously important, but only if people want to use the networking OS. NetWare’s decline in market share has forced Novell to indicate its future strategy for developing NetWare in order to reassure customers, and the company appears to be pinning its hopes on Linux providing the opportunities for growth that the NetWare platform so clearly lacks.

Earlier this year Novell announced the Nterprise Linux Services suite along with commitments from IBM, Dell, and HP to make the new offering available to their customers. The suite of networking services provides file, print, messaging, directory, and management services to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Specifically, the Nterprise product integrates the identity, file, printing and messaging services found in eDirectory and DirXML, iFolder, iPrint, and NetMail, respectively. Additionally, Nterprise Linux Services will incorporate ZENworks for Servers and iManager's management and administration services.

While separate for now, Nterprise Linux Services and NetWare will converge in the latter part of 2004 with the release of NetWare 7.0, which will run both NetWare and Linux kernels. Until that time, the new Linux services and NetWare 6.5 will continue to exist as parallel product lines.

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This article was originally published on Sep 4, 2003
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