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Converged Communications
Ubiquity Software Corporation, a global provider of carrier-class end-to-end Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) solutions, announced that it is demonstrating for the first time a suite of SIP-based communications services running on XP Professional. Combining the enhanced SIP-supported features of Windows XP with the integrated communications capabilities of Ubiquity's Helmsman Express, the demonstration leverages Siemens enterprise telephony products to demonstrate the power of driving converged IP communications from the desktop.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems announced that Microsoft is integrating Aladdin's USB-based eToken authentication device into its international Windows XP launching event today in Brazil. Attendees of the event register and identify themselves by inserting Aladdin's eToken into registration PCs located at the event's entrance in Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Palace Hotel.

ON Technology Corporation joined the XP launch to discuss an end-to-end software management solution that automates enterprise-wide migrations to Windows XP Professional. This automated approach allows enterprises to cost-effectively deploy as well as provide ongoing support for Windows XP environments from centralized management servers, without incurring the time and labor costs of sending technicians to all end-user locations to manually install and configure software.

Caffeine Without the Java
Microsoft's decision to eliminate Java support will force users to download a third-party Java Virtual Machine (JVM) before they can view applications and Web sites that use the (otherwise) cross-platform language. eHelp Corporation announced that the newest versions of RoboHelp Office and RoboHelp Enterprise now support Windows XP and claims those are the only Help authoring tools that address Microsoft's elimination of Java from XP. The new XML-based Navigation and Pure HTML Navigation in RoboHelp Office 2002 and RoboHelp Enterprise 2002 will allow developers, Help authors and technical writers to create cross-browser Help systems for Windows XP without having to rely on Java applets, the Java Virtual Machine or ActiveX controls at deployment.

This article was originally published on Oct 25, 2001
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