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 By Gerald Williams
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Next Steps
Microsoft and other vendors will continue to invest heavily in developing web services products. Tools will emerge, and the underlying structures used to create interoperability between applications and devices will evolve. However, the vendors will need to demonstrate concrete benefits before IT managers invest the time necessary to convert to a new concept.

Now is the time for IT managers to study web services and launch appropriate pilot projects to gain hands-on knowledge. That way, they will be ready to respond realistically when the information rules change.

Gerald Williams is President of Advanced Information Concepts, Inc., a Technology content company. Over his long career in technology, which began in 1977, he has held the positions of Editor-in-Chief of Data Decisions/Datapro PC Communications, Editorial Director of National Software Testing Laboratories (NSTL) and Executive Editor of all Datapro Publications, among others.

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This article was originally published on Feb 19, 2002
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