SBC Launches Network Management Service

Recent announcements have focused on consumers, but the carrier hasn't forgotten enterprise customers.

 By Colin C. Haley
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SBC Communications introduced a new service today to help businesses track network and application performance in multiple locations.

SBC PremierServ Network Management Wide Area Network View gives IT managers information to isolate programs that are slowing the system; free bandwidth for key applications; and understand and trace virus traffic.

The real-time feedback will also help corporate customers check actual performance against the levels promised in SBC's service-level agreements.

"SBC companies manage network services on an ongoing basis, and our customers have the power to determine exactly how we're doing, at any given moment or in any location," Mark Fishler, vice president of SBC product management, said in a statement.

The new WAN View monitoring capability uses Visual UpTime Select, performance management software from Visual Networks . SBC says it's one of the first major U.S. telecom carriers to include the tool in its service offering.

In addition to new features, SBC is lowering fees for several network management options by up to 28 percent, depending on the package selected.

Managed network services are seen by many telecoms as a way of replacing revenue that has been lost as demand drops for traditional telecom services. AT&T , among others, has made a push in the area.

Much of the recent SBC news has been focused on consumers. Most notably, the company's fiber network rollout, which will provide residential customers with enough bandwidth to run high-speed Internet access, VoIP , television, video-on-demand and other services.

In recent months, SBC has also recently extended and expanded a portal deal with Yahoo , which is also aimed at retaining existing home users and wresting others from cable companies.

This article was originally published on Jan 19, 2005
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