Panda Offers Linux Desktop Security Beta

DesktopSecure provides anti-virus and intrusion prevention software for Linux workstations.

 By Michael Hall
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Panda Software has announced the beta release of a desktop security product designed for Linux workstations.

DesktopSecure provides basic anti-malware functionality, typically an area of less concern for Linux users, as well as "an enhanced firewall" and intrusion prevention system to address more frequently reported buffer overflow and privilege escalation vulnerabilities.

DesktopSecure provides a GUI management interface, and can be installed on most Linux distributions. Panda specifically includes additional support for Red Hat, Novell's SUSE, Debian and Fedora distributions in the corporate versions. The company says the final version will be available at no cost to home users.

DesktopSecure for Linux beta is currently available on Panda's Web site.

This article was originally published on Feb 23, 2006
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