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 By Cynthia Harvey
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3. Sourcefire

Sourcefire manages two of the most popular open-source security projects: ClamAV anti-virus and anti-malware and Snort intrusion prevention and detection. Their commercial product, Sourcefire 3D Enterprise Threat Management, leverages both open source products, as well as additional network security technology. Their products and supports services are available exclusively through resellers and other partners. Price: Not Available.

4. WiKID

Recent regulatory changes have heightened interest in two-factor authentication systems for corporate security and online banking. WiKID uses open-source software and everyday cell phones, PDAs, and other handheld devices to generate one-time passwords that are as secure (and more convenient) as hardware tokens. Price: $10 per person per year and up.

5. Tri-D Systems

Tri-D's one-time password software is available for free in the open-source community edition. Professional and Enterprise editions are based on the same code, but offer additional features, greater scalability, support, and updates. Tri-D software can be used with a variety of tokens and ID cards, which are also available for sale on the site. Price: $750 and up (depending on the size of the network).

6. Tenable Network Security

Developer of the popular Nessus vulnerability scanner, Tenable Network Security also offers a Security Center for enterprise security and compliance monitoring. Nessus and the Security Center have won a number of industry awards, and the company also offers products specifically for government agencies. Price: $15,750 and up (depending on the size of the network).

7. Smoothwall

At Smoothwall.org, you can find out all about the Smoothwall Express, the open source firewall that bills itself as "the world's favorite." At Smoothwall.net, however, you'll find the company's commercial products, which also include web security/content filtering, email security/anti-spam, and bandwidth management (QoS) products with commercial support. Both their software and network appliances are available exclusively through resellers. Price: Not Available.

8. Total Information Security

New Zealand-based Total Information Security created the open source MailSaurus e-mail server, as well as the OffiSaurus groupware and the FileSaurus document management system (are you sensing a theme?). All the products are open source, but the company charges for technical support and installation assistance. Price: $99 per server per month and up for technical support.

9. OpenTrust

The OpenTrust security infrastructure is based on a number of open-source projects, most notably Cryptonit, a digital signature and document encryption tool. The commercial products provide additional features for digital certificates, smart card management, online encryption, and document management. Price: Not available.

10. Tripwire

Tripwire configuration audit and control software notifies you when changes have been made to sensitive files in your system. It's a little bit difficult to find on their Web site, but Tripwire does offer an open source version; the Enterprise and Server versions include additional features and professional support. Price: Not available.

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This article was originally published on Nov 3, 2007
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