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 By Elizabeth Ferrarini
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Review On-site and Off-Site Backup and Recovery Procedures
The disaster recovery planning team should perform this task to provide for a current backup of critical program and data that can be used in the even of a disaster. To this end, the disaster recovery planning time can reduce downtime and speed recovery.

  1. Review current records (operating systems, code).
  2. Review current off-site storage facility or arrange for one.
  3. Review backup and off-site backup storage policy or create one.
  4. Present to functional business unit leader for approval.

Select Alternate Facility
The disaster recovery should perform the task of looking for a location, other than the normal facility, used to process data and or conduct business, in the event of a disaster.

  1. Determine resource requirements.
  2. Assess platform uniqueness of unit systems (Macintosh, IBM, Oracle, etc.).
  3. Identify alternative facilities.
  4. Review cost/benefit.
  5. Evaluate and make recommendation.
  6. Present to business unit leader for approval.
  7. Make selection.

In part 2, we will cover Plan Development, Testing, and Ongoing Maintenance for your disaster recover plan.

This article was originally published on Jul 12, 2001
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