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 By Elizabeth Ferrarini
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What things should you double-check?
Make sure the software can generate queries that are appropriate for your organization, and you can tailor as needed. Many organizations will use the BIA plan that the software helps create as a way to justify contingency planning costs to upper management. The software will need to produce quality information to be taken seriously.

What steps you should take before you the seal the deal?

  • Request a demonstration disk to sample vendors' offerings and make comparisons.
  • Ask if an evaluation copy of software is available. Be sure to find out how long you can use the evaluation copy.
  • Determine which company employees should be included in the selection process and how many individuals will need to use the product.
  • Create a sample of questions you want the software to address.
  • Find out about availability of on-site demonstrations by vendors that make your short-list.

Elizabeth Ferrarini is a free-lance writer based in Arlington, Massachusetts.

This article was originally published on Nov 14, 2001
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