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 By Jacqueline Emigh
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KPMG Consulting is one company that managed to find several rogues, although not on its own premises. At its Watford Labs in the UK, KPMG is now working with Microsoft and Compaq on solutions that will leverage Bluesocket technology, together with IPsec, for securing IPAQ PDAs. "WEP places a huge amount of overload on the network, so we're looking for alternatives," says Simon Thomason, CT architect for KPMG Consulting.

For the Microsoft TechNet show in Barcelona, Spain, KPMG was asked to set up a conference-wide wireless network supporting PocketPCs. "When we went to do so, though, we found that six of the exhibitors had already put up their own rogue LANs. Their networks conflicted with ours. In the end, their options were either to become part of our network, or not to do wireless at the show at all. Since our network was largely WEP, it took a big hit in performance," Thomason recalls.

In smaller campus environments, network managers can track down wireless LANs from a central location, using a product like NetStumbler or Airsnort. Products supporting the 802.1x protocol can also be used, although at this point only with Windows XP clients. In enterprises with farflung branch offices, war driving can serve as another way of routing out the rogues.

"Detecting rogue LANs is very important. You shouldn't try to discourage people in your organization from wireless technology, though. Obviously, wireless is valuable to employees, or they wouldn't be using it. Instead, you should supply a simple way of plug in to the corporate network from the wireless LAN, while at the same time keeping the network secure," Jantszen recommends.

Jacqueline Emigh (pronounced "Amy") is a 12-year veteran of computer journalism. She is currently freelancing for several leading technology and business publications. She was previously a senior editor for Sm@rt Partner Magazine, and before that, a bureau chief for Newsbytes News Network.

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This article was originally published on Jan 4, 2002
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