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 By Jacqueline Emigh
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Commercial Aids
In the commercial space, RUsecure now offers a couple of template-based software products: RUsecure Information Security Policies, and Policy Delivery -- The Online Interactive Version. Trial downloads of both are free.

The trial version of Information Security Policies includes a "full policy set," plus explanatory notes. Licensing fees for the commercial product are $595 for unlimited use within an organization.

Priced at $745, the Online Interactive Version incorporates Security Online Support (SOS). SOS adds "specific and focused guidance," along with a large database of user-modifiable security policies; diagrams, forms; procedures, and registers. The trial edition of the online version contains only about one-fourth of the policies in the commercial product, though.

If you're still perplexed by security policies, however, outsourcing might be the best answer. Most security consulting firms are willing to help out with both risk assessment and policy set-up, albeit for a hefty price.

Jacqueline Emigh (pronounced "Amy") is a 12-year veteran of computer journalism. She is currently freelancing for several leading technology and business publications. She was previously a senior editor for Sm@rt Partner Magazine, and before that, a bureau chief for Newsbytes News Network.

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This article was originally published on Jan 24, 2002
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