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 By Jim Freund
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On Windows 9x/ME, start the computer in Safe mode. If running NT/2K/XP, press [Ctrl][Alt][Del] and select Task Manager | Processes. Look to see if msstask.exe is running (and be sure it's not mstask.exe -- a legit Windows program) and if so, end the process.

Now, using your preferred (updated!) anti-virus software, scan the complete system and let it cleanse the machine.

As always, make sure you have the latest anti-viral signatures, security patches, and have altered Windows, Outlook, and Outlook Express' default behavior so as not to launch files automatically, and be sure to educate your users about attachments. (For more discussion on that topic, see Dealing With Network Security Scofflaws.)

Interestingly, the virus will remain mostly dormant if your keyboard settings are set to Russian characters, so one other (but less productive) protection would be to get out your language translation book...

Ne pooha ne perha! (Good luck!)

Jim Freund is the Managing Editor of CrossNodes.

This article was originally published on Jan 31, 2002
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