Cisco Warns of Site Compromise

Cisco has warned Cisco.com visitors that their passwords may have been compromised.

 By Michael Hall
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Cisco has posted a warning to customers visiting its corporate portal that the site has been compromised, and that their passwords have been reset for their own protection.

In a statement, Cisco said "It has been brought to our attention that there is an issue in a Cisco.com search tool that could expose passwords for registered users. As a result to protect our registered Cisco.com users, we're taking the proactive step of resetting Cisco.com passwords."

The company went on to stress that it believed the compromise wasn't the result of flaws in its own products, leaving users to conclude that the source of the breach was most likely a flaw in the Web server software or applications running on it.

The breach arrives after a turbulent week for Cisco, which has been involved in a controversy regarding disclosure of a vulnerability at the annual Black Hat conference.

This article was originally published on Aug 3, 2005
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